If You Don't Have An Online Business Strategy, You're Already Behind the 8th Ball

If your business is still spending a ton of hard earned money on TV, Newspaper and other Media Ad Placements trying to find new customers, we have some bad news for you… They're not there!

The average person gets hit with between 1,000 and 3,000 advertising messages every day — and most of them are ignored. That's right: completely in their blind spot!

Traditional advertising messages SHOUT at their potential customers. Its essentially a shotgun approach: just pull the trigger and hope like hell you hit something. Can you quantify and qualify the net results of your last newspaper ad? No? You are not alone. Out of pocket, but not alone ;)

Is there a better way?

Yes, there is and the future is very bright! The Internet has changed the rules of marketing forever. It has levelled the playing field for all businesses.

If you are prepared to put in the effort and work with an online business expert you will be able to:

  • Understand what your customers like and dislike
  • Know what your customers are searching for
  • Identify what problems they are trying to solve using the internet 
  • Recognize what is trending upwards and downwards in your niche / market / industry
  • Pinpoint who influences their decisions. Yes, we've gone high tech but we've essentially returned to our roots: Word Of Mouth (just on a MASSIVE scale)
  • Discover new opportunities that you may NEVER have thought of
  • Analyse your Competitors at an in-depth level
  • Build a strategy based on an in-depth understanding of your niche customers and offer products or services that solve their problems and fulfil their needs. Yes, once upon a time businesses created products or services and then look for a market. Oh, that's you? Our apologies :)
  • Implement a strategy that considers your competitors' weaknesses and strengths — and how to capitalise on this intelligence.
  • Build long term relationships with your customers, giving them reasons to become your brand ambassadors, your fans — and benefit from Word Of Mouth, without another TV Ad Campaign
  • Gain massive competency in the world of internet business, marketing and communications. It's all about relationships — and relationships affect your bottom line. 

Go beyond the web agency

You have probably built a website, sent an email campaign or two, paid for some Google Ads, and created a Twitter & Facebook account (and asked all your friends to "Like" your page and hoped that sales will magically come streaming in). With The Gurus as your online business strategy partners you will go beyond the "WHAT?" and commence a journey that starts with the most important question: "WHY?".

Once we know WHY we're doing something, we can work out HOW to do it and then WHAT marketing techniques, resources, tools, technology we'd need to achieve measurable goals.

We feel that the next two years will be one of the most critical periods in the history of online business. 

If you are serious about your business and you want to ensure that you have implemented, tried and tested an online business plan that will take your business into the next era, you need to talk to us. 

If you have not mastered your art by then, you will be where we started this conversation... Behind the 8th ball!