Intuitive Membership Management System 

Anyone who has every managed a paid membership website will agree: keeping members satisfied with your services while staying within budget can be pretty stressful. You have to track registrations, keep members’ data updated and active, respond to every request promptly, monitor payments, and provide a whole range of other exclusive services. The customer is always right (besides, she holds the purse strings) so you have to make their membership worth their while.

We can help develop a responsive membership website for you, customising solutions to your organisation’s needs while keeping managing it simple and easy. 

Grow Your Organisation with an Intuitive Membership Management System

Paid members expect a lot from your business. They’ve forked out the money to subscribe to your offering so now they want their money’s worth… every single time. Our membership management solution allows you to keep your members happy and at the same time, your bottomline in the black. 

You won’t need a complicated system to offer a host of choices and services to your members—from straightforward membership to exclusive members directories and introduction between members. 

Our design is all about ease of use and great user experience so you can be sure you and your customers will have everything you need, quickly:

  • Seamless database integration. Whenever a member interacts with your website, your database updates customer histories and information. You and your customer (to a certain degree) both know what’s going on in real time.
  • Targeted promotions. Use the power of email marketing to attract new members, promote special offers, announce events and increase bookings.
  • Restrict access to exclusive content. Control how your members access secure content—web pages, resources, forums, announcements, events and more. Monitor who accesses what, set expiry dates, what documents are downloaded, and deliver fresh and compelling content, among others. 
  • Offer multiple membership options. Give your members a choice of different membership packages, pricing schemes, special benefits and privileges. 
  • Manage events and functions and stay sane. Announce and sell bookings and keep track of special offers all at once without the hassle connected to refunds, cancellations, and extensions.
  • Simplify subscription payments. Increase and retain membership by automating billing and payments of dues, fees and other recurring charges.
  • Launch exclusive services. Attract more members by offering business directories, meet-and-greet events, and areas where your membership can interact, promote their services and provide expert advice to your community.  
  • Provide better service overall. Stay on top of tasks related to customer service. Keep track of information on individual members with notes only you can see. Ensure support fulfilment is prompt and timely.