Great User Experience Design Improves Conversion Rates and Your Bottomline

How your website visitors can easily and quickly find the solutions to their problems—say, the products they are looking for or the information they wanted—dictates how frequently they will return to your website and decide to “buy” what you’re offering. We translate what you want your site to do into an easy and simple interface so your customers stay, explore and buy.

Know Thy User

The customers’ interests, lifestyles, motivations, problems and desires define how they’ll deal with you. Every online business worth their salt will first get a lock on this knowledge. When they do, they can leverage it to design a website that their users will find useful and rewarding. The look and feel, the layout and navigation, the messaging and the words used, among other things, all influence buying behaviors.

When you know who your customers are, you can then offer them what they want so you can get them to do what you want.

Clarity, Usability and Accessibility is the Secret to a Great User Experience

Ignore this and you risk alienating sales prospects and even your most loyal customers...permanently.

At all times, website visitors must:

  • Know where they are in your page and how to get to other pages
  • Find what they’re looking for in less than four links or mouse clicks
  • Use the tools on your site according to what they’re designed to do

It’s vital that you remove as many barriers as possible to using your site so you can increase conversion. 

Web users are very intolerant of delays. They’ll leave your site faster than you can say “Wait!” You won’t have time to say your pitch so you won’t make a sale. Multiply that by the number of times visitors come into your website and bounce out just as quickly and you might be losing huge amounts of dollars every day.

We Are Experts in Great User Experience Design

Dijiguru Media has been designing and developing websites and online stores for 15 years so we know what works and what doesn’t. Over the years, we’ve built a storehouse of best practices that has helped our clients gain dramatic conversion rates.

We design user experience with these in mind:

  • User personas and user behaviour
  • How users interact with websites
  • How users search for information
  • The type of information that users look for
  • Web standards in how websites look and work
  • What makes for engaging content
  • The elements of enjoyable website exploration
  • And more!