Bellybean Makeover


We recently helped the owners of Bellybean overhaul their Branding, Website & e-Commerce.

Bellybean Maternity Pillow was created to help pregnant women achieve comfort and relief from aches and pains and disturbed slumber and help women fully enjoy their pregnancy in the area of a good night’s sleep.


Bellybean had a good product designed to hell pregnant mums - However the branding did not reflect the product's attributes or the brand name. The team at Easton Design Collective created a modern logo for Bellybean that has been well received by the market - the brand update was successfully accomplished without breaking the bank!

New Bellybean Logo

Website Design

As with the business branding, the website needed a complete makeover to create a credible, professional online presence that engendered trust.

Our team created a bespoke website design and implemented our Online Business System to create an attractive looking website that also has the tools for effective online marketing and communication - Online Store, Blog, Content Management System, Email Marketing, Analytics & Reporting (on traffic, sales, enquiries) and much more.

Bellybean Website

Back Of Office Improvements

The website is not just a looker, its very smart too!

We streamlined the back of office processes for Bellybean and their fulfilment house to significantly reduced the workflow required in efficiently completing orders and informing their customers .

Visit The Bellybean Website