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Unitee - Clothing With Soul is your Certified Organic Apparel Web Store

Australia's largest manufacturer of 100% Certified Organic Clothing, OCC APPAREL, and EDCo have collaborated to create Unitee - Clothing With Soul.

The founders of OCC Apparel and DIJIGURU originally met at a Seed Savers networking meeting in 2004 and discovered their common passion for quality, organic clothing and a firm desire to see our kids and our grandkids enjoy the Earth as we did.

Since then, we’ve been working together to bring 100% certified organic cotton to online customers in retail and wholesale markets.

We knew we can do even more to make eco-friendly fashion mainstream ...

... and so the Unitee brand was born to provide an online store offering the finest climate-neutral, certified organic clothing brands from around the planet—Certton, Earth Positive, and Continental Clothing.

Our Mission

To be the difference in an industry that’s infamous for growing and manufacturing processes that are harmful to the environment. To realise this objective, ensure sure that:

  • We offer the highest quality, most comfortable organic fashion to compete in the mainstream apparel market.
  • Our workers are the happiest employees in our part of the world, receiving a fair wage and benefiting from a safe, clean and enjoyable workplace;
  • We use only the highest quality Australian Made and Imported Fabric, knitted from 100% certified organic cotton;
  • Unitee will be worn and known as the Clothing with Soul. Unitee’s 100% certified organic, eco-friendly and labour-friendly identity is to create a difference in the world - together.

Visit the Unitee Store to view our vast range of organic apparel for Men, Women & Kids